Group structure

This structure is simplified and comprises the most important
companies of PPF Arena 1 group

  1. Share of voting rights as of 1 January 2019; 15.27% held by other PPF Group companies; 16.14% free float
  2. The remaining 10.27% held by other PPF Group companies
  • PPF Arena 1 B.V. is fully owned by PPF Group N.V., through intermediary companies.
  • PPF Arena 1 B.V. serves as the holding and the primary financing company for the telecommunications business within PPF Group.
  • The operating companies are owned through holding or financing companies.
  • O2 Czech Republic a.s. together with its subsidiaries, including O2 Slovakia s.r.o. are not directly managed by PPF Arena 1. These companies are treated as a financial investment, with commercial and financial policies independent of PPF Arena 1.